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A Pacifier Addiction PSA

Pacifier Addiction is no joke. Every day, pacifiers destroy children and their families worldwide. Join me in my pursuit to bring awareness to this disease that is taking over our babies' lives. Watch the video below and learn about the warning signs so you can identify the pacifier addict in your own home. Together, we can make a difference!

Disclaimer: The above video is meant to be satirical and does not reflect my true beliefs. I do not think pacifier addiction is a real problem. I had a binky until I was 4 and I turned out okay...right?!


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Oh man, the "reenactment" of the phantom binkie sucking nearly killed me - so funny!! And does it mean my child is an addict if my first reaction to you cutting it up at the end was "No! A perfectly good Nuk!"

- Rosie's Mom

@Rosie's Mom - Haha, I have a feeling that reaction was a pretty common one for any parents that watched the video; I envision a slow motion 'NOOOOOO!'

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