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Today is the Bomb (Pop)

Everyone prepare yourselves for purple lips and serious brain freeze; today is National Bomb Pop Day! Now personally, I don't know that there's a better symbol of childhood summers than the Bomb Pop (the Ninja Turtle ice cream bars with gumball eyes are a close second). And let's face it, it HAD to be from the Ice Cream Man; a Bomb Pop out of our own freezer just wasn't the same, and my Mom even suggesting the idea was just plain insulting. I can still recall those moments of being outside on a sweltering hot day, hearing that familiar bell, then full-on sprinting (which was still pretty slow given the fact that I was a 'husky' child) inside to have a rapid-fire argument conversation with the parents about getting change to buy ice cream. They caved most of the time, and moments later I would be outside, hurrying to enjoy a Bomb Pop before it melted and painted the driveway with blue, red and white droplets. And on that note, the classic three-color bomb pop is the only way to go; these new-fangled variations on the Bomb Pop that have different flavors and candy inside are just bollocks. (sorry, cranky old man moment)

My daughter has never had a Bomb Pop, but maybe today is the perfect day to introduce her to them. With a heat advisory today in Kansas City and the temperature potentially reaching 100 degrees, a Bomb Pop would be the perfect remedy to the scorching heat. And given the fact that my daughter devoured last weekend's frozen yogurt like some kind of starving predator (seriously, I was kind of worried I'd lose a finger), I have no doubt that she would fall in love with eating the Bomb Pop. Of course, with a Bomb Pop it's pretty inevitable that a disastrous mess will be produced, so it would have be one of those food items that I lovingly refer to as a 'diaper eater' (aka stripping down to nothing but a diaper to avoid permanently stained clothes).

So, if you happen to be at the grocery store today, pick up a box of Bomb Pops and share them with your family in celebration of this 'holiday'. Even better, if you hear that crescendoing 'ding' of the ice cream man heading your way, sprint outside with your wallet and enjoy the cool, tri-flavor goodness with your family outside. Granted, on a day like today, the thing may melt before you even get to the blue section, but it's all about the experience right?

As a little trivia side note, the Bomb Pop was invented right here in Kansas City in 1955!

Happy National Bomb Pop Day!


I didn't know that they were made here. I might have to get one for myself. They boy is still a little too young for them, but he will for sure get a taste.

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