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Help Find Jamie Sheets (UPDATED)

UPDATE - 6/16/2011: Jamie Sheets has been found alive and safe!  The family has not released any details yet, but is expected to issue a statement in the near future.


I will keep this post short and to the point, because ultimately, it's not about me or my thoughts; it's about helping someone in need and hoping for a positive outcome to a tragic situation.

On May 18, 2011, the daughter of my mother's friend went missing. 16-year-old Jamie Sheets was last seen in Merriam, Kansas, and has not been seen or heard from since. The first inclination is to believe that she is somewhere in the Kansas City area, but realistically, she could be anywhere.

This is a heartbreaking story for anybody to hear, and being a parent makes it hit so much closer to home. I can't imagine the pain Jamie's family is experiencing right now, and every day my thoughts and prayers are with them, hoping that this terrible scenario results in a positive outcome.

I've posted the flyer below that contains information about Jamie and methods of contact if you have any information. Please, if you know anything or even think you may have seen Jamie, don't hesitate to call or e-mail to offer your information. Let's bring Jamie home!

For further updates, you can also access the Missing Jamie Facebook page.


Thanks for doing this. The family needs every ones support and Jaimie needs to come home.

this is jamie sheets herself. fuck you the only thing heartbreaking is tht my parents put me in a group home where i supposed to be there for over 13 months and it was a christian cult and im an atheist. the only reason i ran was because it was either run or kill myself. you dont know shit

Why don't you tell you parents you're leaving next time? You seem like a real bitch. Maybe you need to find Jesus.

I'm gonna put it out there that Jamie didn't need to respond like an ungrateful cunt just now.

Hi Jamie,

First off, let me start by saying that your comment really displays just how classy and mature of a young lady you are. Let me guess, you were sent to a group home because you behaved yourself and were a good kid? I'm sure you didn't get into any trouble or do stupid things. The way you talk shows that you are very respectful and intelligent, so I'm sure you didn't get shipped off for acting otherwise. By the way, in case your brain isn't able to process it, I'm being sarcastic.

Second of all, sorry I posted this in hopes that you weren't dead. I'm not really sure how you expect me to apologize for that. Jamie, I am SORRY that I was hoping you weren't murdered. I am SO INCREDIBLY SORRY that I was hoping you would be found safe instead of raped, beaten or lying in a ditch somewhere. I mean, really though. Give me a break. Clearly, your problems are with your parents, not with me, so why you chose to come to my blog and lash out at me is baffling. Project much?

Third, your statement that "I don't know shit." You are right, I know nothing about you or your family. I knew what was on the news and made public information. I also know what it's like to be a parent, and that's what I was basing this post off of. Never did I display any bias towards anybody or anything in this post. I merely was hoping that you were safe. Again, am I supposed to apologize?

I'm sure your ungrateful, disrespectful attitude will get you far in life. Good luck with that. Maybe you should be thankful that the worst you ended up in was a group home and not a prison where your smart mouth and lack of respect would get you in a hell of a lot more trouble.

Regardless of the circumstances of your 'disappearance', you had an entire town searching for you, taking up their time and resources to try and make sure that you were, at the very least, alive. How dare you even think for a second that you have a right to come to my blog and try to verbally assault me for making an effort? Have a little humility and realize that you are in absolutely no place to criticize ANYONE. To put it more simply, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

Here's a little advice for you:

1) Quit cursing every other word and learn to write like someone your age rather than a 7 year old. Your opinion might be a little more valued that way.

2) I know you are a teenager and think your parents are the dumbest people in the world right now, but that will change eventually, whether you believe it or not. Have a little respect for them, and for other adults as well. Nobody is impressed by you being confrontational and nasty.

3) Learn how to 'lay low'. I have this strange feeling you probably aren't in the best graces with the law right now, so it might not be in your best interest to be going around harassing people online and slandering them. Just a thought.

4) This one will probably be easier said than done for you: Grow up.

Thanks for commenting, and GOD BLESS!

how do I contact you Jamie sheets thanks ?

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