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Music 4 Jeremy's Cherubs JFrye Funfest

The 3rd Annual JFrye Funfest, hosted by Music 4 Jeremy's Cherubs, will take place on Saturday, June 18 from 11-3 PM at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (click for map) in Overland Park.

Entry is free (auction and food tickets can be purchased) and you can expect to find live music (of course), a silent auction/raffle, games for all ages and great food.

In case you are wondering why you should go to this event and support M4JC and their cause, here's a little background:

Music 4 Jeremy's Cherubs is an organization that will always hold a special place in my heart. The Overland Park, Kansas based charity continues the work started by Jeremy Frye, a talented musician and educator who lost his life to a brain tumor in 2008. M4JC works to bring music into the lives of children and youth everywhere, regardless of their (or their family's) socioeconomic status. By providing scholarships and donations of money and instruments, they ensure that young people everywhere experience the joy of music in their lives.

For those of you readers that don't know, my sister Jill (who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2000) passed away suddenly last August. After her passing, my family wanted to find a local organization with a cause that would have resonated with Jill in her life. When we discovered Music 4 Jeremy's Cherubs, we knew it would be the perfect organization to have memorial contributions made to in Jill's name. Jill was a talented and passionate pianist, and always showed a true love for music. I can remember riding with her as a kid, listening to everything from The Violent Femmes to Beethoven and hearing her explain why she liked it all.

So, this post is not only one promoting what is sure to be a fun family event for those in the Kansas City area, but also to raise awareness for a group that has a very special goal and will always be dear to me. Check out the flyer below and help Music 4 Jeremy's Cherubs fulfill their goal to "put music in the hands of children and a lifetime of love in their hearts."

Learn more about Music 4 Jeremy's Cherubs on their website or Facebook page.


Thanks for the support and extra promotion. Can't wait to see you and your fammily on the 18th!

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