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Help Find Lisa Irwin

10-month-old Lisa Irwin went missing from her Kansas City home the night of October 3rd. At this point, it's believed that she was kidnapped.

What started as a case for local police has now expanded into a nationwide hunt for this little girl. The FBI has become involved, and the Irwins were in Good Morning America today, once again pleading for their daughter's abductor to return her, no questions asked.

Please see the flyer below with details on her disappearance and ways to reach out if you have any information that can help return this child to her parents. Although police have received 47 tips, many were vague and so far none have led to any big breaks in the case.

In case you can't see the image, here are links where you can find more information:

Facebook page

Kansas City Star articles

ABC News article

CBS News article

If you have any information on Lisa's disappearance, PLEASE call the Kansas City TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS or 911. I can't imagine the pain these parents are going through, and if we can pull together as a country and look for this little girl, who knows? Maybe we can help make a miracle happen and reunite the Irwins with their little girl.


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