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Soul Providers Crew - The Soul Keeps Rockin First Edition

The Soul Providers Crew is a collective of numerous talented MCs hailing from Kansas City. With 12 members, it can be hard to keep up with everything they are doing, especially when it's all incredibly dope music. These guys are like a cross between a Midwest Wu-Tang Clan and a hip-hop Megazord on steroids (and yes, that is a compliment). Because they are all busy working on their own material, it can be difficult for the whole group to come together to produce something as a whole. To make up for this fact, they've decided to release a mix series featuring work from each of the crew's members.

The first in this series, The Soul Keeps Rockin First Edition, dropped a few days ago and is a fantastic glimpse into what this group has to offer. Whether you are a previous Soul Providers Crew fan, or new to their music, this mix is a great way to get a taste of what they have to offer and revel in the diversity of their musical offerings.

Check out the mix below, and while you're at it, head over to their Soundcloud page and check out more of their music. You can also keep up with the latest on their Facebook group page.

  "The Soul Keeps Rockin" First Edition by Soul Providers Crew


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