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I'm Baaack!

It’s ironic that my last post on this blog was just before Ava was born, and now I’m returning to write again at a point in fatherhood where I feel like I’m finally starting to figure it out. Now, I can hear the collective “HA!” ringing out from anybody reading this right now, and yes, I understand that I will NEVER completely figure out being a parent. But I do feel like I’m finally at a certain comfort level. While I spent so many of those first months scared shitless, I now feel much more at ease and get to watch my beautiful girl develop a personality and learn rather than worry constantly about the minutia of newborn necessities.

As tempted as I am to give you a 50 page, in-depth history of where the last 18 months has brought my family, I’ll spare you the awesomeness and just say that I am incredibly excited to start blogging again and have a good feeling I will be providing plenty of content. Somehow, not even Twitter and Facebook are enough to contain my diatribes anymore, so I expect this to be a great forum for me to spew my virtual verbal diarrhea on any topic that enters my ADD-riddled brain. Of course, the main focus will be on family and fatherhood, but let’s face it; I’m too much of a hip-hop head (see the new Tech N9ne song in the video window to the right) and beer geek (note the ‘Imbibing’ links above) to not include commentary on those as well. And chances are, every now and then something will piss me off enough to the point of ranting about it here.

So needless to say, you are all in for a treat, if you don’t mind me farting in my own tuba (that is the phrase, right?). This is just a sort post to say I’m back in action, so stay tuned because there’s more to come soon (I’m working on a riveting piece on sidewalk chalk).

Also, if any of you have some super exciting blogs you want to have placed in my blogroll, let me know!


I too became a father 10 months ago. I feel you pretty much said what I would have to say about it. Good post man.

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