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The First Post of Awesomeness

This is my blog.  That much is obvious.  Now why did I feel the need to start a blog? Simply put, I have a LOT going on in my life right now.  And as useful as facebook and twitter (both conveniently linked above) are, I needed another avenue to talk about everything that is going on.  Plus, I think that somewhere out there in this Internet universe, there are other young, Generation Y fathers-to-be and husbands-to-be that are looking for an opportunity to relate a bit.

I titled this bad boy 'A Family of My Own' because these two major things that are happening revolve around one common theme; making that big step in life from being 'in' a family to 'having' a family.  Now, before I get the semantics police (and relatives) all up in arms, I simply mean this; While I was a son, a brother, a nephew, and a grandchild before, I'm now also on my way to being a husband, a dad, a brother-in-law, and a son-in law as well.  And while those new titles are easy to throw out in a blog, each has a lot of meaning behind it and has taken (and will take) plenty of work to earn.  I am especially thrilled about the idea of having my own nuclear family; minute, seemingly stupid details like sending out a family Christmas card excite me (I can already hear the laughter) and it seems like every day I find something new to look forward to.

So where do we stand right now? Well, let's face it, I'm a little late in getting this started.  I thought about doing this a while ago and, surprise surprise, I've been caught up in doing so much stuff that it fell behind a bit on the priority list.  Right now, Amanda and I are about halfway through the pregnancy; going off of our original due date of 11/24, she finished her 20th week yesterday.  BUT, we are both fairly convinced that she is a bit farther along than that, especially after the sonogram photos indicated that the due date might be bumped up a little.  That being said, I'm still crossing my fingers for a Halloween baby.  Yes, I'm that big of a Halloween freak.  

Surprisingly, the last couple of weeks have been pretty calm in terms of getting ready for the arrival.  There was a period where it seemed we were going nonstop between finding a new apartment, finding out the sex of the baby (the most beautiful little girl that will ever live) and various other activities.  Of course, I never take periods of calm for granted, nor do I expect them to last long, because if there's anything I've learned thus far in 2009, it's that anything can unexpectedly pop up at ANY time.  Plus, I know we have a doctor's appointment coming up and our big move is exactly a month from today, which I am desperate for. Our current 640 square feet for 2 people and 2 dogs is not a living situation, its a sick, twisted experiment that is testing our sanity, patience, and our creativity in how to store all of our stuff.  2 bedrooms, 2 baths, here we come!

Well, I feel like I'm already starting to ramble, but that should be expected from this point on.  I am going to do my best to insert some sort of structure into this thing, but at the same time, where's the fun in that?  

I'll be back soon, and in the meantime, enjoy 12:34:56 7/8/09 today!  


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